iBTC is a NEXT generation decentralized based Feature cryptocurrency. The foundation of iBTC network is on BTC code base. iBTC has been revived and has mined a total of 25 Million iBTC. 16 Million iBTC are for swapping the exchanges and 9 Million iBTC are for future exchange listings and bounties.

iBTC aims to be a more decentralized version of Bitcoin. This is accomplished using Satoshi's Missing Link - VBR Decentralization Algorithm. The Variable Block Reward (VBR) feature is the engine behind promoting more decentralization.
iBTC adds Variable Block Rewards (VBR), a linearly weighted moving average (LWMA) Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) to the Bitcoin (BTC) codebase. Adding VBR increases mining decentralization and forms a natural 51% attack deterrent algorithm. Attackers trying to freeze the blockchain will fail due to the added LWMA3 DAA algorithm.


  • algorithm: sha256
  • ticker: iBTC
  • prefix: 1,3,bc
  • supply: 84000000
  • maturity: 101
  • confirmations: 6
  • spacing: 3 min
  • difficulty: LWMA
  • block size: 1MB
  • port: 7333
  • rpc port: 9332


Allows for near-instant transactions. iBTC InstantSend transactions are fully confirmed.


    ibtc-Qt on macOS
    ibtc-Qt v0.19.1 on Ubuntu 19

    ibtc Electrum on macOS
    iBTC Electrum v3.3.8.2 on Ubuntu 19

Support the development

    iBTC 1E2pURoC1PtrfohXFLjFyuMQtjoM8LAeWX
    BTC 1E2pURoC1PtrfohXFLjFyuMQtjoM8LAeWX


iBTC source

Use iBTC aims to be a more decentralized version of Bitcoin. Vagrant and VirtualBox with Ansible. This section covers build process on macOS (linux instructions). Gitian provides a way to be reasonably certain that the iBTC executables are really built from the exact source on GitHub and have not been tampered with. It also makes sure that the same, tested dependencies are used and statically built into the executable. Multiple developers build from source code by following a specific descriptor ("recipe"), cryptographically sign the result, and upload the resulting signature. These results are compared and only if they match is the build is accepted.


Download and install the latest version of GPG Suite from here.


Download and install the latest version of Vagrant from here.


Download and install the latest version of VirtualBox from here.


Install prerequisites
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
brew doctor
brew install git
sudo easy_install pip
Setup Ansible
sudo pip install ansible


git clone https://github.com/NullFunctor/iBTC.git
cd IBTC-gitian
Edit your gitian.yml file:

# URL of repository containing iBTC source code.
ibtc_git_repo_url: 'https://github.com/NullFunctor/iBTC'

# Specific tag or branch you want to build.
IBTC_version: 'master'

# The [email protected] in the e-mail address of your GPG key, alternatively a key ID.
gpg_key_name: 'F16219F4C23F91112E9C734A8DFCBF8E5A4D8019'

# OPTIONAL set to import your SSH key into the VM. Example: id_rsa, id_ed25519. Assumed to reside in ~/.ssh
ssh_key_name: ''

Place Apple SDK tarball (MacOSX10.11.sdk.tar.gz) into ibtc-gitian folder for macOS builds.

Start the build with vagrant up --provision IBTC-build.

Then connect to the box with vagrant ssh IBTC-build.

Prepare the container and start building with:
#replace $SIGNER and $VERSION to match your gitian.yml

Commit assertions from the box using git (access token might be needed) or use vagrant scp plugin to transfer data.

guide for developer


iBTC Electrum is a lightweight client for iBTC network. Check with iBTC wiki for more details. The source code is available at @iBTC' GitHub repository.

iBTC on macOS
iBTC Electrum on Ubuntu 19


Download binaries or follow this guide to install iBTC Electrum from source on your system.


ElectrumX is a server-side application for iBTC SPV protocol. The current version requires precise system configuration and is not fully automated for fast deployment. The script below is used for fast and easy setup of electrumx server on working iBTC core node. To start, input following line:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bauerj/electrumx-installer/master/bootstrap.sh -O - | bash
Finish the configuration by adding your iBTC node's RPC login/pass in DAEMON_URL as user:[email protected]:/ Sample:
# iBTC node RPC credentials
DAEMON_URL = ibtc:[email protected]:9337/
# Listen on all interfaces:

#BANNER_FILE = /etc/electrumx/electrum.banner
#Uncomment the above line if you want to have a banner and create the banner file
Add the ports in the firewall exception:
sudo ufw allow 50001
sudo ufw allow 50002


Starting and stopping electrumx server
service electrumx start
service electrumx start


Create iBTC address to receive payments

Download the iBTC core, iBTC Electrum or mobile client. Generate a new address to receive payments from the mining operation.


Connect to your SHA256 miner and enter values according to the following sample:

Password: X

Use p2pool-scanner to find the best pool for your operations.


  • node >= v0.10+

  • Requirements node v0.10+

    # Using Ubuntu:
    sudo apt remove nodejs 
    curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
    Download and prepare deployment script:
    cd ~
    git clone https://github.com/NullFunctor/node-stratum-pool.git node_modules/stratum-pool
    cd node_modules/stratum-pool
    sudo npm update npm -g
    sudo apt install g++ make
    npm install bignum
    npm update
    Edit the script to match your setup:
  • PUBLIC_IP your public IP address
  • EMAIL your email address
  • PAYOUT_ADDRESS your IBTC wallet address to receive fees
  • USER_NAME linux user name
  • RPCUSER enter a random alphanumeric rpc user name
  • RPCPASSWORD enter a random alphanumeric rpc password

  • source
    deployment script